Work has begun to convert Marshall Court to a pedestrian-only area. The short roadway, which runs from North Sandusky Street to North Union Street, separates the Delaware County Courthouse and the Rutherford B. Hayes Administrative Building. The project is part of ongoing improvements to the County government’s facilities.

“It’s a safety issue as much as a wayfinding issue,” said Jon Melvin, the County’s Director of Facilities Management. With the closure, emergency vehicles will be able to access the area as needed, while pedestrians will be able to move freely between the two buildings. Non-emergency vehicles will not be permitted to drive through the area.

Decker Construction Company of Columbus was awarded the $55,120.38 contract on Dec. 13 to build a curb and sidewalk along North Sandusky Street. It is anticipated the work will be completed within two weeks.

This closure also precedes the upcoming changes to addresses for the Courthouse and the Hayes Building. Beginning Jan. 1, 2019, the Courthouse’s address will change to 117 N. Union St. (from 110 N. Sandusky St.) and the Hayes Building’s address will change to 145 N. Union St. (from 140 N. Sandusky St.). These changes reflect the fact that the main entrances and parking areas for those buildings face North Union Street. It will also make it easier for online mapping tools to help drivers and pedestrians find the buildings.