At their July 27 session, Delaware County’s Commissioners approved the allocation of nearly $40,000 for the purchase of a passenger van to be used by a local agency that serves residents in the city of Delaware.

The Second Ward Community Initiative (SWCI) is a not-for-profit agency devoted to addressing resource gaps, particularly those found among low-income and high-risk residents of the Delaware community.

“This van would be used for the amazing education, health and crime-prevention programs that SWCI provides, to name just a few,” said Delaware County Economic Development Director Bob Lamb, whose office has managed the grant project. “SWCI has incredible youth education programs and we’re excited to know these funds would primarily be serving our younger residents.”

The $39,858.80 that has been allocated comes from the County’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) fund and must be spent before Aug. 31. To transfer the money to this project, the Commissioners passed their resolution and have submitted a request for an expedited approval by the Ohio Development Services Agency. Once approved, the County would purchase a 12-person van and then transfer ownership of it to the SWCI.

“Receiving a van will allow SWCI to provide access to educational afterschool and weekend programing to the underserved population,” said SWCI Executive Director Karriejoi Coit. “This will support the efforts to keep children active in positive programing and out of trouble. Many parents do not have access to transportation via personal vehicle or public transportation in Delaware County.  A van for SWCI will transport dreams, experiences and, most importantly, education.”

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