Operations by Office/Department:

Listed below is information regarding the current state of operations by office or department.

Beginning on Thursday, March 19th, the Auditor’s office will be closed to the general public until further notice.  Documents may be mailed, emailed or faxed to the Auditor’s office.  A drop box has been placed at the entrance to the Auditor’s office for dropping off documents to be processed by the Real Estate office.  A phone has been placed by the drop box for the general public to use if they have any questions or need assistance from the Auditor’s office.

The mailing address is:
Delaware County Auditor
P.O. Box 8006
Delaware, Ohio 43015-8006

The email address is Auditor@co.delaware.oh.us

The fax number is: 740-833-2899

For more information about the Auditor’s Office, go to our website at: https://auditor.co.delaware.oh.us/.

The Commissioners are still meeting in session in the Commissioners Building, 101 N. Sandusky St., Delaware, but some sessions may be cancelled. For the most up-to-date schedule of sessions that are taking place, please check the county’s online Calendar. Unless you have reason to attend session, it is recommended that you watch the session online.

The front doors to the Commissioners Building are open and our front desk is staffed 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. However, it is recommended that you make an appointment with the official or staff member with whom you wish to meet before arrival. Many officials and staff members are still working from home or in staggered shifts and may not be available onsite.

Visitors to our building are not required to wear masks or other facial coverings, but we do request that you consider doing so. Masks are available at our front desk upon request.

The Delaware County Commissioners, in consultation with our staff attorney and in alignment with the Ohio Director of Health’s Stay Safe Ohio Order, have determined that we and our staff must wear facial coverings while entering and exiting the hearing room for session. We may then choose to remove those coverings in order to conduct our business. This will enable us to create and broadcast a comprehensible record of these proceedings. Any participant who comes to the speaker’s lectern also may choose to remove a facial covering while speaking at the lectern. Staff must wear facial coverings while in the hearing room but not presenting.

If you have questions for our office, please call 740-833-2000.

For more information about the Commissioners’ Office, please visit our website at: https://co.delaware.oh.us/commissioners/.

Updated 5.7.20

The Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities has made changes to protect the health and safety of the people we serve, our employees, providers, and the community. Please know that we will be doing everything we can to continue typical services at the level our community knows and expects. For the latest information on our services, please refer to our website or call our main line at 740-201-3600. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility during this ever changing time.

Delaware County Child Support is open to the public.

We encourage to clients to utilize the drop box located right inside the first glass doors at 145 N Union Street.   The drop box is only available during the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Clients can also communicate with their Case Manager via telephone (740) 833-2720, email DelawareCSEA@jfs.ohio.gov or the web portal.  To register for the web portal, go to https://jfs.ohio.gov/ocs/.

Updated 9.3.20

Clerk of Courts – Legal and Title Divisions

 The health, safety and well-being of my staff and our county residents remain my first priority.  All three offices of the Clerk are open to walk-in business.  Occupancy is limited, extensive cleaning occurs throughout the day, protective equipment is in place and customers are kindly asked to wear face coverings, although not required.

Legal Division:   The Legal office located at the Delaware County Courthouse is open to walk-in business at the present time.  The office is staffed and fully operational, as it has been since this crisis began.  For your convenience, we encourage our county’s residents to continue to access the Clerk’s office remotely by phone, email, fax and e-filing.  Payments may be made through our website, by mail or by phone.  Case filings may be e-filed, faxed or mailed.  Case filings may not be emailed per the local court rules.  Also, a secure drop box has been placed in the main lobby of the courthouse for both case filings and payments.  We will begin accepting passport applications by appointment only on June 15th.  In the event of an emergency filing, please call our office at 740-833-2500 for assistance.

Title Division:    Both offices of the Title Division are open and have resumed regular office hours of 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Our main title office located north of Delaware in the Willis Government Building also has Saturday hours from 8:00 a.m. until 12 noon.  Occupancy is limited, protective equipment is in place, extensive cleaning occurs throughout the day and we kindly request that you wear a face covering, although it’s not required.

For more information, you may visit our website for updates at https://clerkofcourts.co.delaware.oh.us/

As always, we are committed to serving the courts and the residents of our community.  Thank you for your patience and understanding in these challenging times and we wish you well.

Natalie Fravel
Delaware County Clerk of Courts

Updated 6.1.20

Effective Monday, June 8, 2020 Code Compliance will be available to the public by appointment only.

If you would like to meet with a Code Compliance staff member, please call 740-833-2200 to schedule your appointment. We encourage customers to continue utilizing our contactless methods of service and communication.

The exterior drop box for application submittals and a pick up box for approved permits will now be available inside the South wing vestibule. Prior to visiting the Channing Street facility, please contact the office at 740-833-2200 for instructions on how these services are provided. Payment of fees is required prior to any release of approvals/permits. Customers can utilize online payment options or mail checks to Code Compliance, 50 Channing Street, Delaware, 43015.

Plan review staff continues to be available to discuss plan submittals, plan reviews via the telephone and email, or virtual consultations via zoom, facetime, etc. Code Compliance plan reviewers will now also be available by appointment if the options listed above fail. Permit application submittals that include construction documents that are to scale and of 11” X 17” or smaller can be emailed to building@co.delaware.oh.us.

Inspections continue to be scheduled and performed. Inspections for projects that require entering an occupied structure may be performed virtually. Inspectors can be contacted on their cell phone.

We will strive to continue to meet our goals for permit turnaround and next day inspections. Thank you for your consideration and cooperation.

The Code Compliance website is located at: https://codecompliance.co.delaware.oh.us/.

Updated 6.3.20







Updated 6.1.20

Effective June 1, 2020, in-person entry by the public to the Delaware County courthouse at 117 N. Union Street in Delaware is no longer restricted.  Please see the Delaware County Courthouse Update June 2020 for full details.

For most hearings in the General Division of the Court of Common Pleas of Delaware County, each party and each attorney may choose to appear in person at the courthouse or through the Zoom videoconferencing platform. See our Summer 2020 Update: Court Operations in the General Division for further details and visit our Videoconference Proceedings website for further information on how to participate in our hearings through Zoom.

Business Functions: Responds to death scenes that occur in Delaware County per 313 O.R.C., Investigating and determining manner and cause of death in each of these cases.
View and/or attend autopsies when ordered.

Essential Functioning/Staffing: All functions of the Department are Essential Government Functions per Section 10 of the Order.
All Staffing is Considered Essential.

Modified Practices/Procedures: Reduce potential exposure to Coroner personnel through the use of personal protective equipment along with CDC guidelines.
Implemented social distancing practices as required per Section 15 of the Order.
Closed office to all non-Coroner staffing.

The Delaware County Coroner’s Office is operating under restricted access to our office. All services will continue with the Coroner’s Office, https://coroner.co.delaware.oh.us/


The Delaware County Dog Shelter continues to provide all required services to the residents of Delaware County.

As such, our staff are following the recommended procedures to aid in their health and safety as well as the health and safety of our customers.  If you are going to surrender a dog, please contact the dog shelter and a warden will meet you at an agreed upon location.

Please call the Dog Shelter’s main line at 740-368-1915 with questions.

For more information, please visit our website at: https://dogshelter.co.delaware.oh.us/.

You can also follow us on Facebook at:  https://www.facebook.com/DelawareCountyDogShelter/.

Updated 6.1.20

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Delaware County Domestic Relations Court has been able to move its docket forward effectively through Zoom video-conferencing.  In an effort to emphasize safety and security, unless litigants or attorneys are notified to appear in person at the courthouse, hearings will continue to be conducted by Zoom video-conferencing.

Updated 5.1.20

We have been very successful in the use of our technology and keeping the courts open.  Until further notice, we will continue to use the phone, Zoom, e-filing, and our internal technology systems to move the docket forward.


Judge Gormley
Judge Hejmanowski
Judge Fuller
Judge Schuck

3/13/20 Email to Delaware County Bar Association from Domestic Relations Court:

Beginning Monday, March 16, 2020 the Delaware County Domestic Relations Court will be conducting the following by telephone: status conferences, pre-trials, and any other proceedings selected by me or the Magistrate assigned to the case. The Domestic Relations Court will initiate the conference calls to your office number or cell phone if you make the cell number available to the court well in advance. You are expected to be on time and available at the phone number the court has for you. You are expected to be prepared and all rules and expectations apply as though you were at court in person.

For your convenience, below please find a list of our Administrative Assistants:

Allyson Carson (740-833-2022 & ACarson@co.delaware.oh.us) or
Alande Orelien (740-833-2533 & AOrelien@co.delaware.oh.us)

Magistrate Clinger: 
Allyson Carson (740-833-2022 & ACarson@co.delaware.oh.us) or
Alande Orelien (740-833-2533 & AOrelien@co.delaware.oh.us)

Magistrate Allen:  
Allyson Carson (740-833-2022 & ACarson@co.delaware.oh.us) or
Alande Orelien (740-833-2533 & AOrelien@co.delaware.oh.us)

Magistrate Laughlin: 
Connie Byers (740-833-2565 & CByers@co.delaware.oh.us)

Magistrate Disantis:
Penny Bennett (740-833-2020 & PBennett@co.delaware.oh.us)

Magistrate Gall:
Penny Bennett (740-833-2020 & PBennett@co.delaware.oh.us)

Your client is to be available in your office, or preferably, on your separate phone line or via video conference. You are responsible for being able to communicate with your client during the conference call, if needed.

Self-represented litigants will be contacted at the phone number provided to the court in their pleadings.

Currently, for ex-parte CPO hearings, full CPO hearings, emergency hearings, CSEA hearings, evidentiary hearings, and trials, you are expected to appear and conduct business as usual. Given the recent orders by Governor DeWine for school and daycare closures, a reasonable continuance may be granted solely in the discretion of this Court.

This is an ever-changing situation and we are taking this process one step at a time. I understand the difficulty this situation can have on private practice attorneys and I appreciate your cooperation in advance.

Judge Randall D. Fuller
Common Pleas Court
Delaware County, Ohio
Domestic Relations Division
117 North Union Street
Delaware, Ohio 43015




On March 22, 2020, the Ohio Department of Health, under the direction of Governor Michael DeWine, issued a director’s stay at home order. This order included a list of essential and non-essential businesses. The Delaware County Health Commissioner and the economic development professionals in the county have been in communication concerning the designation of essential and non-essential businesses. The Health Commissioners and the economic development professionals are dedicated to carrying out the directive of the Ohio Department of Health.

If you have questions regarding the designation of your business, please refer to Section 12 of the stay at home order, which is available here.

If you still have questions after reviewing the order, please contact your local economic development professional to receive direction on if your company is an essential or non-essential company. Our contact information is listed below:

Bob Lamb, Delaware County Economic Development Director

Sean Hughes, City of Delaware Economic Development Director

Kelsey Scott, Delaware County Economic Development Coordinator

Delaware County Economic Development Website URL: 

The Delaware County Emergency Communications Department is operating under restricted access. Only authorized personnel can enter the 9-1-1 Dispatch Center. Do NOT call 9-1-1 to request COVID-19 testing:  Call your doctor first if you think you may be experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.  Only call 9-1-1 for actual emergencies.

The Delaware County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is operating under restricted access. For more information, please visit www.delcoema.org.

The Delaware County Emergency Medical Services Department is operating under restricted access to all of its stations.  Only authorized personnel may enter EMS facilities. COVID-19 testing is NOT available at EMS stations.

EMS, in an effort to reduce potential exposure to our EMS personnel and to reduce the use of personal protective equipment (the Country as a whole is running low), has decided that only one person will be making initial entry to residence, they will make initial contact and request or assist you to walk to the door of your home.

EMS will ONLY allow riders in the Ambulance to the hospital that are parents of minors, translators, or required for medical equipment use.

County Engineer departments are working remotely except for essential staff that will continue to work in the office.  All management and engineering staff is available by phone or video calls as needed.

In-Person Business:  Effective Tuesday, March 17, the Delaware County Engineer’s Office at 50 Channing Street, Delaware, will be closed to walk-in business.  Essential meeting are available by appointment only.  Permits and development review submittals will be accepted electronically.  Contact us at 740-833-2400 or by email at delcoeng@co.delaware.oh.us

Highway Operations and Maintenance:  Crews will continue to maintain county roads.  Requests for service relating to road maintenance should continue to be submitted by email to delcoeng@co.delaware.oh.us or by phone at 740-833-2400.

Submittals:  We will continue to accept paper submissions by use of a drop box at the front door at 50 Channing Street, Delaware; however, customers are urged to use electronic means whenever possible.

Facilities Management (Custodial, Maintenance, and Service Center) will continue to support the operations of the County Offices.  We do not provide direct services to the public other than during their visit to County Facilities.  We are working closely with County Offices to provide any support they may need.  Work on most projects has been suspended and any maintenance that can be deferred for a short period of time will be put on hold to minimize our contact.

Delaware County Human Resources is able to conduct the majority of its services remotely, with a few exceptions. Our goal is to continue operations as normal, utilizing technology to reduce physical interactions as much as possible and with the safety and health of our internal and external customers at the forefront of our efforts.

As the re-opening efforts move forward, the department will continue to utilize virtual meeting platforms as necessary. All events, meetings and programs will be scheduled as necessary.

The human resources team continues to be available for in person meetings as needed while following all Ohio Department of Health, CDC and Health District guidelines. Our current goal is and continues to be to return questions and all correspondence as soon as possible within a 24 hour window.

The Human Resources departmental functions are outlined in greater detail on the Human Resources webpage. https://humanresources.co.delaware.oh.us/ 

Staff members direct phone extensions and email addresses and other important information may be found here: https://co.delaware.oh.us/covid-19-information-county-employees/

You may also call the Human Resources direct number at 740-833-2120.

Updated 5.2.20


JFS will reopen to the public July 6th under the following guidelines:

OhioMeansJobs-Delaware County (OMJ) will be open by appointment only. Appointments will be scheduled for 1 hour.

JFS will provide Trident with a daily appointment list.

When a client arrives, JFS staff will be notified and escort the client to the OMJ.

JFS staff will thoroughly sanitize workstations between each appointment.

All other visitors will be encouraged to utilize the drop box.  As needed, JFS staff will go to the single point of entry to assist clients.  If determined the client is best served onsite, JFS staff will escort the client to the JFS lobby/office.

All Protective Services visitations will be scheduled off-site.  In the event of unforeseen circumstance, a visit may need to take place onsite.  If so, JFS staff will notify Trident.  JFS staff will escort participants from single point of entry to JFS Visitation room/office.

Added 6.23.20

The Delaware County Department of Job & Family Services and Delaware County Child Support Enforcement Agency now have a drop box available for any incoming correspondence. The drop box is located inside the first glass doors at 145 N Union St. Both of our lobbies are still open for business but we are encouraging people to use the drop box for the safety off all. The drop box is only available during the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

For Questions please call:
JFS- 740-833-2300
Child Support- 740-833-2701

In response to COVID-19, Delaware County Job and Family Services has taken the following precautions to provide a safe working environment for employees and clients.

The DCJFS lobby and OHIOMEANSJOBS-Delaware County Resource Room remains  closed to the public.  A drop box and agency forms are located at the Union Street entrance of the Hayes for anyone wishing to submit paper documents.

All non-essential events, meetings and programs are suspended until further notice.

Essential meetings will be conducted via conference call, Face Time, Skype, webinar, etc.

For SNAP/CASH or Medicaid questions, please call the Shared Services phone number 1-844-640-6446.

For all other services including Long Term Care/Waiver cases, PRC, CCMEP, Work Activities, Protective Services, Childcare, etc. please call 740-833-2300 or visit our website:  https://jfs.co.delaware.oh.us/

To report Child Abuse or Neglect please call 740-833-2340

JFS staff appreciates your patience and flexibility as we work through this together.

For information regarding unemployment, please visit unemployment.ohio.gov  or call 877-642-8203.

For more information, visit our website at: https://jfs.co.delaware.oh.us/.

Updated: 4.29.20

Effective March 20, 2020, the law library is closed to the public. Attorneys with key fobs and county employees are still welcome. I am spraying and sanitizing frequently. Please refrain from bringing clients in at this time.

For more information, visit our website at: https://lawlibrary.co.delaware.oh.us/.

In order to do our part in reducing risk to our employees or clientele, OSU Extension has implemented a teleworking plan. OSU Extension offices will be closed to the public until further notice. While our offices will be physically closed, we are committed to continuing to conduct our work as fully as possible. In recent years, we’ve invested in the technology needed to facilitate effective teleworking. We will utilize all our teleworking capabilities to continue serving our clientele and communities. You should continue to feel free to call, email, etc. with any OSU Extension staff member as you normally would. OSU Extension is deeply committed to the health and well-being of its staff and doing our part to help slow the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). If the Delaware County office of OSU Extension can be of assistance, please feel free to contact our office at 740-833-2030.

Updated May 29, 2020

  • Consistent with the State of Emergency declared by the Delaware County Commissioners and CDC and Ohio Department of Health guidance, the Delaware County Probate/Juvenile Court has modified a number of its operating procedures to keep court staff and the public safe. To continue to serve the public, while limiting personal interaction, the Court asks that you call the numbers listed below prior to coming into Court to make an appointment unless you are coming for a hearing.  This will permit us to keep the number of persons in our offices at a safe level at all times.
  • If you are an attorney, your mail will continue to be sent to you.
  • Most hearings will be conducted by phone or video conference. If you are unsure of how your hearing will proceed, please contact the court at the phone numbers below prior to your hearing.
  • We have the ability to accept electronic filings from all attorneys and pro-se parties.  Registration is easy and is done through our website by clicking on e-Services.  E-filing can be done 24/7.  We also accept case filings by mail and by fax.  Filings can be faxed to (740) 833-2599 for Juvenile Court and (740) 833-2679 for Probate Court.
  • Filings can be emailed to juvenilefilings@co.delaware.oh.us or to probatefilings@co.delaware.oh.us.
  • Records requests can be done by telephone, email, mail or by fax.  Records may be returned to the requestor by email, fax or by mail, whichever they prefer.
  • Payments for court costs, fees and restitution can be done online through e-Services.  Payment by check or money order can be sent via mail.
  • If you need a marriage license please complete the online application and call the Probate Court at the number provided below for an appointment.  Your appointment may occur via video conference. 
  • How to check in with your probation officer: Contact your probation officer by email or text with your message including a contact number.  If your PO is out or you do not receive a response within 4 hours please send another message and copy Kara Moore at kmoore@co.delaware.oh.us.
  • How to check in with your intake officer: Contact your intake officer by email or text with your message and include a contact number.  If you officer is out or you do not receive a response within 4 hours, please send another message and copy lwilliamson@co.delaware.oh.us.
  • Staff remains available during regular business hours to answer your calls at (740) 833-2600 for the Juvenile Court and (740) 833-2680 for the Probate Court.
  • Please see the Court’s website for continuing updates.

At the Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office we are doing our best to ensure that the work of our office continues, and that we continue to timely and effectively serve the public and our clients as we attempt to protect the health and safety of the public and our staff during the declared COVID-19 emergency.

We will be practicing social distancing, and adhering to all local health and safety mandates.

Safety precautions within the common pleas and municipal courts have previously been put into place. We will be adhering to those precautions. This involves such things as conducting some hearings by phone, video conferencing, and e-filing. Subject to court order, some hearings may be delayed. Please check the respective court’s website docket for a list of scheduled hearings and hearing statuses. To check the status of a subpoena issued by our office, please check our website (https://prosecutor.co.delaware.oh.us/).

Our Victim Services Unit remains open and available to conduct any meetings or court business with victims. We are also available to discuss the Civil Protection Order process, and walk you through the process from beginning to end. The Victim Services Unit is available Monday-Friday from 8-4:30 PM. They can be reached at (740) 833-2710 to schedule an in person or over the phone meeting.
Civil Protection Order forms are hosted online by the Ohio Supreme Court. The forms can be accessed at:  http://www.supremecourt.ohio.gov/JCS/domesticViolence/default.asp

Please contact the Victim Services Unit for assistance in completing these forms.

Types of Civil Protection Orders (CPO): Stalking, Dating Violence, Sexually Oriented Offenses, Domestic Violence or Juvenile Protection Orders

  • You can apply for a Stalking CPO if the offender is engaging in a pattern of conduct that makes you believe you are in imminent danger.
  • You can apply for a Dating Violence CPO if the offender and yourself have been in an intimate relationship, not living together and have separated within the current year, and they have physically abused you.
  • You can apply for a Sexually Oriented Offense CPO if you have experienced any type of sexual abuse including rape or gross sexual imposition.
  • You can apply for a Domestic Violence CPO if you are related to the offender by blood or marriage and you are currently living together, or used to live together or you have a child with the offender whether or not you were ever married or lived together and they have physically abused you or your children.
  • You can apply for a Juvenile CPO if the offender is under the age of 18 and is participating in Stalking, Sexual Oriented Offenses, Domestic Violence or Dating Violence.

As always, if you are in immediate danger please contact 9-1-1.

As much as possible, our office is working to conduct business as normal, but with the ever-changing details emerging regarding COVID-19, we ask you to check our Facebook page and website for updates. We are working with the County and the Delaware General Health District to navigate future decisions regarding our business operations.

Updated 6.30.20

The Delaware County Public Defender’s Office is still currently open and providing services to the community it serves.

With the health and safety of everyone in mind at this time, we are encouraging you to visit the website, https://commonpleas.co.delaware.oh.us/publicdefender, as opposed to coming to the office in person to obtain a public defender.

To assist you with this process, the application (financial disclosure form) may be printed off of the website, completed and then faxed to 740-833-2779 or emailed to publicdefendersoffice@co.delaware.oh.us.  Additional instructions and information may also be found on the website.

Please feel free to contact the office with questions by calling 740-833-2780.

As of July 6, 2020:

  • We are resuming our pre-COVID standard operating procedures for filing all documents.
  • Please file as normal in-office, by e-file or by mail. As before, no mail-in or drop-off transfers will be accepted.
  • Max of three (3) persons in line in the lobby.
  • Please social distance in the lobby and stand on marked off-patterned carpet tiles. Wait out in 1st-floor lobby until a spot becomes available.
  • Receipts for filings will be returned with the document only.
  • The public search room will open without an appointment required, and the distance between the public computers will mean only select computer terminals may be used.
  • If more than 5 searchers are in the public search room, we ask that the last to arrive wait in the 1st-floor lobby until someone else exits.
  • Please maintain social distancing in the public search room, wash hands frequently, and limit your time in the search room to required work only so others may access it as needed as we open up.

Updated 7.2.20

The Delaware County Records Center continues to provide all required services to the residents of Delaware County.

As such, our staff are following the recommended procedures to aid in their health and safety as well as the health and safety of the public.

Staff is available by appointment, telephone, email, mail and fax. Please call the main line at 740-833-2140 for appointments and questions.

For more information, please visit our website at: https://recordscenter.co.delaware.oh.us/.

You can also follow us on Facebook at:  https://www.facebook.com/DelawareCountyRecordsCenter/.


Updated 5.1.20

Delaware County has implemented procedures to aid in the health and safety of our employees and our customers. At this time the Regional Planning Commission’s day to day operations continue.

We have closed our doors to walk-in traffic, but staff is available by telephone, email, mail, and fax. Please call the main line at 740-833-2260 with questions and before dropping off or picking up any applications. We will strive to continue to meet our goals for turnaround.

The regular DCRPC meeting for April 30, 2020 will be by electronic means. More information will be provided as it is determined.

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation.

For more information, please visit our website at: https://regionalplanning.co.delaware.oh.us/.

The Regional Sewer District office located at 50 Channing Street will be open by appointment only beginning Monday, June 8th.  Please contact our office at (740) 833-2240 to schedule an appointment.

 Also, beginning Monday, June 8th the office doors will be open during regular business hours for drop off of any project submission items or payments.  There is a table located at the entrance of our office on the 2nd floor designated for drop off items.  No appointment is needed for drop offs.

 We also continue to offer the following no-contact payment and project submission options:

User Fee Payments – the Regional Sewer District offers several no-contact payment methods to pay your sewer bill:

  • Credit card and e-check payments may be made online at https://regionalsewer.co.delaware.oh.us.  Click on billing tab, then pay bill online.  Choose user fees/pay sewer bill from the payment type drop down menu.  A 2.5% convenience fee will be charged for credit card transactions.  E-check payments are charged a flat rate of $2.50.
  • Online Bill Pay – Customers are able to schedule payments through your own bank’s online bill pay.
  • Over the phone – 888-891-6064 Option 1. A 2.5% convenience fee will be charged for credit card transactions.  E-check payments are charged a flat rate of $2.50.
  • Mail: Mail payments to DCRSD, 50 Channing Street, Delaware, Ohio 43015

Capacity/Inspection/Plan Review/Sewer Tapper Fees

  • These payments may be made online at https://regionalsewer.co.delaware.oh.us. Click on billing tab, then pay bill online.  Choose the appropriate payment type from the drop down menu.  A 2.5% convenience fee will be charged for credit card transactions.  E-check payments are charged a flat rate of $2.50.
  • Over the phone – 888-891-6064 Option 1. A 2.5% convenience fee will be charged for credit card transactions.  E-check payments are charged a flat rate of $2.50.
  • Mail: Mail payments to DCRSD, 50 Channing Street, Delaware, Ohio 43015

Project submissions (plans/calculations/agreements, etc.)

  • Documents being submitted for projects can be e-mailed rather than brought in-person. Please submit project related documents to: kthiel@co.delaware.oh.us

New projects that need plan review should include sanitary plans, grading/site plans, sanitary calculations, and a copy of the PTI application.  All submitted electronically.

PDFs may need to be used in place of mylars and hard copies for the time being.

Once plans are approved a cost estimate can be submitted via email and we will draft a subdivider’s agreement.

Updated 6.4.20

For information about the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office operational status, please go here:


The Delaware Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) has made changes to protect the health and safety of the people we serve, our employees, and the community.

Delaware SWCD will open to the general public for permit application and document drop off. For any in-person meeting, we ask that you follow all Ohio Department of Health, Center for Disease Control, and Delaware General Health District recommendations and guidelines.

All other services are available through various electronic platforms. In addition, our field operations and routine field appointments continue.

We will continue to make a drop box available to share documents for anyone not wishing to enter the building. It is located at the entrance to the Delaware SWCD.

The office address for mailing or dropping off documents is:

Delaware SWCD
557 A Sunbury Rd.
Delaware, Ohio 43015

Please use the “Contact Us” link on our website at soilandwater.co.delaware.oh.us or call 740-368-1921.

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility during this ever-changing time.

Updated 7.7.2020

In keeping with the Delaware County Board of Commissioners’ emergency declaration, the County Treasurer’s office will be closed to the public as of March 20th for as long as the emergency declaration’s office closure remains in effect. However, the Treasurer’s office remains open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM for processing transactions pending further guidance from Governor Mike DeWine, the Ohio Department of Health, and the Delaware County Board of Commissioners. Documents and payments may still be mailed to the Treasurer’s office or deposited in the black, postal box located on the green in front of 145 North Union Street, Delaware, Ohio 43015. General correspondence may be sent to Treasurer@co.delaware.oh.us as well.

The mailing address is:
Delaware County Treasurer
P.O. Box 8006
Delaware, Ohio 43015-8006

For more information about the Treasurer’s Office, go to our website at: https://treasurer.co.delaware.oh.us/.

Instructions to Pay Real Estate Taxes Online:

  1. Access the Delaware County Treasurer’s website at: https://treasurer.co.delaware.oh.us
  • Please use Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari as your browser when using this feature. Internet Explorer will cause errors.

2.  Click on “Pay My Taxes” located under the “Delaware County Treasurer” header.

3.  On the “Pay My Taxes” webpage select the method of payment:

  • VISA debit card- flat fee of $3.95
  • Credit or other debit card- fee of 2.5%
  • Electronic check- flat fee of $2.50 up to $10,000; $10.00 fee over $10,000

4.  Search for the property or parcel one of three ways:

  • Owner last name
    Property address
    Parcel ID number

5.  Select the parcel(s) to pay by clicking the box next to the parcel ID number.

6.  Once the parcel(s) has or have been selected, click on “Add to cart”:

  • If paying on multiple parcels, you will need to click on “Add to cart” after selecting each parcel.

7.  Once all parcels have been added to the cart; click on “Continue” to start step 1 of the 3 step payment process.

8.  In Step One: Select Payments

  • Under “My Bills” click on “Edit” to edit the tax amount to pay if you are paying a different amount than what is showing.
  • Click on “Save” once the tax amount has been changed.

9.  Under “Cardholder Information”, enter the necessary customer information.

  • Please note this information is required even if paying by e-check.

10.  Under “Payment Information”, select the method of payment (Credit, VISA Debit, or electronic check.

  • Enter the necessary card or checking account information.
  • Click on the “Continue” link (lower right hand corner) to proceed to step two.

11.  In Step Two: Review & Submit

  • Review Payment amount- see “Cart Amount” on right side.
  • Review customer information and payment information.
  • Review “Terms & Conditions” language and click on “I agree to Terms and Conditions
  • If acceptable, click on “Submit Payment” (lower right hand corner).

12.  In Step Three: Confirmation and Receipt

  • A confirmation # will be provided once payment has been accepted.
  • A copy of the confirmation # will be sent to the e-mail address provided in Step One.
  • A copy of this confirmation can be obtained by clicking on the “print” link at the bottom of the page.

Instructions to Pay Real Estate Taxes Electronically over the Telephone: 

  1. Contact the vendor (Point N Pay) at #1-888-891-6064
  2. After the initial recording of menu options:
  • Select option #1 to talk to a company representative at the call center.
  • Provide the company representative the county & state information and the type of tax (property tax) you are wanting to pay.
  • Advise the company representative of the tax amount you are wanting to pay.
  • Provide the necessary property owner/customer information to make payment.
  • The representative will ask you for the necessary credit or debit card information or checking account information.

By providing an e-mail address, you will receive confirmation of your payment.

The Delaware County Veteran Service Office is open for appointments and walk-ins, but please remember the Stay Safe Ohio Orders are still in effect,

Thou masks are not mandatory they are encouraged. The office hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm, but no walk-ins after 3:30pm.

Updated 7.13.20