The Delaware County Board of Commissioners is seeking to appoint one member to the NorthStar New Community Authority (NNCA).  The Board of Trustees of the Authority shall be composed of seven (7) members.  This Board shall appoint three (3) citizen members of the Board of Trustees to represent the interests of present and future residents of the District and one (1) member to serve as a representative of local government.  The Board of County Commissioners is currently seeking to appoint one (1) citizen member to serve an unexpired term that will end Aug. 15, 2023.

The Authority facilitates the financing and construction of specific infrastructure improvements benefiting property owners within the Authority’s boundaries.  In addition, the Board of Trustees would have primary responsibility to oversee the financing of the infrastructure and improvements described above and to provide for the levy and collection of the community development charge within the Authority.

The NNCA meets quarterly at the Northstar Golf Club (1150 Wilson Road, Sunbury). Meetings are usually held on a weekday at 8 am, and last approximately 60-90 minutes.

 Interested individuals can apply through Delaware County’s online application portal. It can be accessed at For any questions regarding this application procedure, please contact Matt Brown, Delaware County Human Resources, at 740-833-2125 or

Completed Board Appointment applications must be received through the Applicant Tracking portal no later than 11:59 p.m. on March 24, 2022.