Click HERE to view the Delaware County Public Records Policy. Please note that public-records requests can be submitted in a variety of manners, including but limited to: As an email to the designated records custodian for an office, department or agency; verbally in person or over the phone; in writing via mail, using Form 3 from the Delaware County Public Records Policy (pages 18-19).

Please note: Each elected official’s office keeps and maintains its own records. They cannot supply records that are kept and maintained by another office, and such requests will be denied pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 149.43(A)(1).

These are the contacts for public records requests for each elected official’s office:

Auditor’s Office: George Kaitsa, Delaware County Auditor, (740) 833-2900,; or Nancy Krueger, (740) 833-2900,

Child Support Enforcement Agency, Joyce Bowens, Director, (740) 833-2720,

Clerk of Courts Office: These include records for the Domestic Relations Division (divorce, dissolution, child custody, etc.) as well as felony criminal cases and civil cases where the dispute is over $15,000. Send an email to or call (740) 833-2500.

Commissioners’ Office (these include records for the Building Safety, Dog Shelter, Economic Development, Emergency Communications (9-1-1), Emergency Medical Services, Human Resources (except for Sheriff’s Office employees), Regional Sewer District): Jane Hawes, Director of Communications, (740) 833-2100,

  • Copies of 9-1-1 calls or reports can be requested directly from the Dispatch Center by completing this form.

Common Pleas Court, General Division: Kristin Schultz, Court Administrator, (740) 833-2554,

Coroner’s Office: Charles Carlson, Investigator, (740) 833-2151,

Domestic Relations Court: Jenna Bouhall, Staff Attorney, (740) 833-2023,

Engineer’s Office: Lee Bodnar, Administrator, (740) 833-2432,

Finance Authority: send an email to

Job & Family Services: Robert Anderson, Director, (740) 833-2300,

Juvenile Court: Please send request by email to Deputy Clerk at

Probate Court: Please send request by email to Deputy Clerk at

Prosecutor’s Office: (740) 833-2690,

Recorder’s Office: Melissa Jordan, Delaware County Recorder, (740) 833-2461,

Sheriff’s Office: Summer Hodgkinson, Public Records Supervisor, (740) 833-2860,; Requests can also be filed through this portal:

Treasurer’s Office: Don Rankey, Delaware County Treasurer, (740) 833-2480,