The Delaware County Commissioners hosted their annual State of the County event today at the Delaware County Fairgrounds’ new Agricultural Center. Nearly 200 county residents, business owners and officials joined them.

The theme was a salute to the partnerships that have transformed Delaware County into the fastest-growing county in the state, while also maintaining a unique quality of life.

“Throughout the pandemic, we worked hard to stay connected, to reinforce and grow our community partnerships,” said Commissioner Barb Lewis, president of this year’s board, in her opening remarks, “because we know that together, we are stronger.”

Lewis went on to highlight projects that the County partnered on with United Way of Delaware County, first-responder agencies throughout the County, the Stepping Up Initiative, the Delaware County Housing Alliance, and special court-system dockets that aid local veterans and residents overcoming substance-abuse challenges.

Commissioner Gary Merrell, speaking next, spotlighted the work of Destination Delaware, the County’s tourism bureau, and updated attendees on the County’s uniquely collaborative Byxbe Campus project that will bring together multiple offices and agencies under one roof. Merrell also addressed the status of the Homeport project that aims to convert the County’s property at 50 Channing Street into affordable housing, and he also provided updates on the Berlin Business Park and the County’s new solid-waste transfer station.

“Leadership by your County electeds, township trustees, city and village officials, and each of you made our continued progress possible,” Merrell said.

Commissioner Jeff Benton addressed the continued updates at the Delaware County Fairgrounds, including a complete renovation of the Fair’s grandstands. He also lauded Delaware County Transit’s evolution as it strives to help address workforce-retention needs, while a partnership with the City of Delaware will help grow the Delaware Municipal Airport, which has recently forged a strong relationship with Muirfield Village Golf Club and The Memorial golf tournament.

In addition to the Commissioners’ presentations, four videos were debuted by their Communications Department. The videos, which can be seen on the County’s website at, featured the 2021 All Horse Parade; an update on major roads and bridges projects; a “Numbers” video that provided statistics about population growth, budgets and construction in the County; and finally a short marketing video for the County that will be used to help attract residents, businesses and tourists.

“We have so much to celebrate here in Delaware County,” Benton said, “and it starts with the partnerships we have with each other.”

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