The Delaware County Board of Elections certified its post-election audit on August 23, 2022, proving the results of the Official Canvass were spot on.

With the growing concern for election security, Director Karla Herron says audits are a great way to prove Delaware County takes the matter seriously. Regarding the audit, Herron said, “The integrity of our elections is paramount and we will do whatever we can to protect every vote.”

The audit, which took place on August 16, required a hand count of 5% of the ballots cast in the August 2 Primary Election. In total, bipartisan teams counted 1,004 ballots by hand from a random draw of Delaware County’s 46 polling locations. Ballots from precincts at Kingston Township Hall, Fraternal Order of Eagles, Harlem Township Hall, and Powell UMC were hand counted for the audit.

After tabulating the votes by hand, ballots were run through a high-speed optical scanner to determine the results exactly matched those which staff determined from their hands-on inspection.

With the primary election behind them, the Board of Elections is preparing for the general election on November 8, 2022.

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