The Delaware County Board of Commissioners today approved its general-fund budget for 2023. The $130,596,201 figure approved is a 1.4% increase over the $128,805,682 budget approved last year for operating and capital expenditures.


Overall spending on salary and benefits will increase 5%, which is being offset by a 21% decrease in spending on capital projects and equipment.


The County is projecting revenues of $130,607,614 in 2023, a drop of 0.3% from $131,054,613 projected for revenues in 2022. Through Dec. 14, the County’s actual revenues have been $130,595,037.


Barb Lewis, president of this year’s Board of Commissioners, said, “I am very pleased that we Commissioners were able to roll back property taxes for our residents and still be fiscally responsible in balancing our 2023 budget.”


She added, “Thank you to all our elected officials and our staff who worked with us in the budget process.”


Among the factors impacting the 2023 budget were:

  • A property-tax rollback that decreased projected revenues by $4,797,620.
  • Increased staffing in the Domestic Relations Court, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Sheriff’s Office.
  • A 4% increase in non-unionized employees’ salaries.
  • The County increased its contribution for employees’ dental and vision insurance, while employees increased their contribution to health insurance.

Said Commissioner Jeff Benton: “We continue to be fiscally conservative in our financial planning, while still executing our long-range plans to address the growth needs of our dynamic county. This has served us well as we have weathered the challenges of the last three years, while allowing us to continue to invest in our greatest asset — our people.”

“Everyone involved in this year’s budget did an exemplary job,” said Commissioner Gary Merrell. “This year’s budget was especially difficult because of inflation and the needed investment in facilities due to Delaware being a growing county. My personal thank you to the staff, directors and our fellow elected officers for the role each played in what I believe is a thoughtfully prepared budget.”

The following chart shows what each elected official’s office budgeted for in 2022, what their request was for the 2023 (along with the percentage change from 2022), and then the amount approved for 2023 (along with the percentage change from 2022). Also included are figures from three agencies that are directed by separately appointed boards.