The staff of the Delaware County Dog Shelter today removed 40 dogs from a Kingston Township property.

The animals, most believed to be pit bulls or pit-bull mixes were removed after Delaware County Dog Warden Mitchell Garrett obtained a warrant from Delaware Municipal Court Judge Kyle Rohrer this morning to enter the property at 7474 Kilbourne Road, which is located in the northeast portion of the county. The owner, Robert Phillips, Jr. was not present during the raid, so no charges have been issued at this point, but are anticipated.

“Ohio law is clear about what circumstances allow us to enter and search private property,” Garrett said after the 11:30 a.m. raid, which took about three hours and was conducted with the help of personnel from the Humane Society of Delaware County, the Marion County Dog Warden’s Office and the Morrow County Humane Agent. Nonprofit group Rico Pet Recovery staffed the Delaware County Dog Shelter while the raid was being conducted and Garrett said they further assisted by taking away and housing the dogs who had been at the shelter. The rescued dogs are being cared for at the county shelter and the Humane Society of Delaware County facility.

“Mr. Phillips has been known to us for several years,” Garrett said. Previous visits had found only six dogs, all in good health. Complaints continued to come in, Garrett added, but, in recent years, no one would complete a witness statement that would enable the Dog Shelter staff to act. A statement was received Friday night, alleging many more dogs on the property than were previously known and that they had been observed in abusive conditions.

With the statement and warrant both in hand, the team was able to enter the property today, rescue the dogs and also initiate a site investigation of the conditions.

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