Today in session, the Delaware County Board of Commissioners approved a resolution formally establishing rules and guidelines for the Delaware County Pre-Hospital Care System Advisory Board.

On Feb. 7, 2019, the Commissioners authorized the formation of the board and today’s action establishes general membership and operational rules.

“We have been meeting since April and it’s been a very productive process that I think will lead to improvements for all of the county’s agencies,” said Delaware County Administrator Michael Frommer, who is a voting member of the Advisory Board. Other voting members include: fire chiefs from Concord, Genoa, Harlem, Liberty and Orange townships and from the city of Delaware; Delaware County’s director of emergency medical services and the county’s director of emergency communications. Non-voting membership is available to representatives of other fire departments in the county that do not operate an EMS organization but do provide first-responder service.

Among the Advisory Board’s goals and duties, said Frommer, are the establishment of performance benchmarks for all EMS organizations in the county, and the evaluation and recommendation of standard practices, protocols, technology and shared services. The group meets monthly and its minutes are available on our website under Board and Commission Appointments.