Today in session the Delaware County Commissioners appointed G. Douglas Crew to serve as acting County Treasurer, following the passing of County Treasurer Jon Peterson.

Peterson died unexpectedly Thursday, Oct. 10, while in Nashville, Tenn. Plans for his funeral have not yet been announced by his family.

Crew, who has been Director of Delinquent Tax Services and a deputy treasurer in Peterson’s office, came to Delaware County 10 years ago at Peterson’s invitation. He had been the Assistant Director of Legislative Affairs in the State Attorney General’s Office and, prior to that, worked in the State Auditor’s Office.

According to the Ohio Revised Code, county commissioners are empowered to appoint an acting officer to fill the duties of another county office when it is vacated more than 40 days before the next general election. Crew will serve no less than five days and no more than 45 days before the Delaware County Republican Party’s Central Committee must then appoint a successor to Peterson, who was a Republican. That appointee will fill the remainder of Peterson’s term, which expires Sept. 5, 2021.

Barb Lewis, president of the Delaware County Board of Commissioners, said she and her fellow Commissioners, Gary Merrell and Jeff Benton, felt that Crew’s experience with the office and his “strong financial background” would enable the Treasurer’s Office to seamlessly continue its work during a critical time of the fiscal year.

“We are confident that Doug and his team will carry on the tradition of excellence that Jon established,” Lewis said.

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