The judges of the Court of Common Pleas of Delaware County, in accordance with Section 3375.22 of the Ohio Revised Code, will make an appointment to the Delaware County Board of Library Trustees for a seven-year term beginning in January 2020.

If you are interested in this appointment opportunity, please submit your resume, cover letter, your physical residence address along with your email address and telephone number to Presiding Judge Randall D. Fuller, 117 North Union Street, 400 Level, Delaware, Ohio 43015, on or before Monday, November 11, 2019. You must be a qualified voter who lives in the library district or Delaware County to apply.

The board of library trustees manages the county district free public library, oversees the library’s budget and buildings, hires the library’s director, and sets rules and fees for the library. Board members serve without compensation, though reasonable and necessary expenses may be reimbursed.