If you are planning on building in Oxford Township please be aware that a Zoning Certificate may be required, please read the following for requirements:

No structure, which exceeds 150 square feet in size, shall hereafter be located, constructed, reconstructed, enlarged or structurally altered nor shall any work be started upon same, nor shall any use of land be commenced until a zoning certificate for same has been issued by the Oxford Township Zoning Inspector, which certificate shall state that the proposed building and use comply with all the provisions of this Zoning Resolution or the approved Development Plan. No zoning certificate shall be required for any agricultural building to be erected on land presently used for agricultural purposes or for any building incidental to the agricultural use of the land on which said buildings are proposed to be located nor shall a certificate be required for use of land or building or construction of any building used for public utility or railroad purposes. Exception: all applicable regulations contained within this Resolution shall apply where authority is granted by the Ohio Revised Code.Fees for zoning certificates are established by the Oxford Township Trustees.

The purpose of the Oxford Township Zoning Resolution is for the purpose of conserving and protecting the natural resources and scenic areas;

to secure the most appropriate use of land, to facilitate adequate but economical provision for public improvements, all in accordance with existing county or township plans or plans which may be later adopted and as permitted by the provisions of Chapter 519.02, Ohio Revised Code.


For further information regarding the Zoning Code please contact:

Duane B. Matlack

Oxford Township Zoning Inspector

740 272-6338



Zoning Information and Forms: